Misty is an alien superhero and Jenny's friend.



She is a mercenary who is skilled in martial arts, has super-strength, can fly, turn into purple mist and control people's minds (hence her name), and can shoot laser beams. She enjoys meditating with incense and hanging out. She was formally a member of Teen Team, a group of teenage aliens who work as superheros, which Jenny temporarily joined, however when they had to leave to another galaxy, Jenny chose to stay in Tremorton. While the other teammates made fun of her for that, Misty was the only who supported her. Misty appeared again in which she was working solo after Team Teen broke up, she and Jenny started hanging out and she enrolled in Tremorton High, though she made enemies with the Crust Cousins and they began an out-of-control prank war that Misty got expelled for after. Misty later returned in "Mist Opportunities" in which she came back to Tremorton after meditating in New Jersey. She took over Jenny's superhero shift, making Jenny happy because she could be a normal teenager. However, Jenny was becoming weak due to lack of training and she was later shocked to find out that Misty was not helping the town anymore. Misty said it was because they refused to pay her anymore, which showed her true intentions that she was a hero-for-hire. Jenny later told her to leave which led to a vicious fight between them. Misty later flew away disgusted.

However, in Cody Webb Meets The Incredibles at the end, Misty appeared out of nowhere, meeting the corps. She also apologized Jenny for what she did years ago, Jenny accepted Misty's apology, and Misty later became a official member of The Cody Webb Corps.